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2990 keer bezocht sinds 22 November 2011, 09:43
Naam Ouronly Ouronly
Geboortedatum 12-10-1982
Leeftijd 36
Woonplaats ????, België

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'beginning attack'

Geplaatst 10 Februari 2012, 01:45

Drive beauty so ask you to say an ability an answer not?"That is to call magic trick, is me appropriation of sorcery.Good, does tomorrow still want to fight.Breakfast rest!"The room which say that finishing my[one] soil escaped to return to oneself went.But love benefit still miss the words that I just said, basically have no detection I have already walked.I once room can kick oneself of the ground to lie from my bed collapse the rest is on the bed.

Time is very quick past.No man thatrunescape power leveling    is in the cosmos robot already beginning activity.But Yu star they is in the arrival which at first wait for an enemy."Remember, etc. enemy a get into our attack scope beginning attack.We must completion dragon the elder brother give our mission.We want a group an activity this time, did the Yu star know?"The day show off to worry a Yu star oneself most would blunt go up to kill an enemy special say him.

"Know.I will not so excite this time.Good, also to have 100 meters the enemy into our attacks scope.99 and 98…………5, 4, 3, 2 and fire!"say finish everyone beginning attack.but the enemy didn't°yet make clear is what is the row the amount have already been ruined one lesser half by the shot. but at this time enemy of fleet good the elephant knew oneself of vanguard troops already drive assault, parties a lot of of no man fighter jet.another then is send no man of the robot come out. very quick the enemy's vanguard troops be all exterminated by us, however the enemy's fighter jet have already start attack as well at this time. although Yu star their open a protection cover in time, but the enemy's number be too many. Wu3 Dou3 on board rtillery root too late exterminate already play a medicine dozen light.the "the day show off, if this continues isn't a way! the enemy's number be too many. my play a medicine have already used up. now how do?" Yu star ask a way with the communication machine. but others and Yu star is the artillery of a condition everyone all hadn't played a medicine. now ability use of be consume physical strength of energy cannon.but now again open a protection cover, if at usage energy cannon of words.physical strength very quick not persistence don't live.

"Everyone ruin the enemy's lord warship shot.So can need not so bother."Say a day to show off already beginning preparation shoot"very cold jelly light".Those fighter jets suddenly try very hard to of attack the day show off of Wu3 Dou3 Ji.Good elephant at frightened oneself of lord the warship be destroy similar.But at this time day's show off have already shot, the light beam of a blue shot into an enemy of a lord warship.But the day of attack show off at this time their fighter jets all gave up an attack.Flew to "very cold jelly light" of front try to want to hold up it.But the light beam be direct impede of fighter jet to shot smash.Shot the lord warship which put a fighter jet.An explosion make the flank destroying several 10 of Wu3 Dou3 Ji all.But when explosion later on that a battleship be still a nothing important matter, just put the camalig of fighter jet drive deformation.

"Regrettable!If weren't the attack that those fighter jets show off the day to consume the words of the energy of one lesser half that battleship early didn't."The Yu star is regrettable of say.Haven't waited him regrettable over were attackstone by the enemy.The enemy is from the behind attack his."Depend, luckily haven't withdrawn a protection a cover, otherwise miserably.Are they to how arrive our behind to go."Yu star part attack part say.

"You saw be that battleship usage space jump up.See to us be attacked from both flanks."The day show off to see oneself was have another by the empress a battleship after explanation of say.But the day in nowadays show off the energy number be about 300,000.Just but consumed him is ten several ten thousand energies.That battleship all Wu3 Dou3 Ji of no man is after putting to come out flew back originally of place.

"Everyone, change**the form fight.So a little bit more beneficial."Say that finishing a Yu star became person's form.Lion top of head the claw son became hand and feet respectively before chest.Still took a thunder absolute being sword in the hand.But the day show off what to take is a pair of blue of sword.Everyone doesn't know is what is the row and all take a sword dissimilarity of only have a color dissimilarity just."What age?Return to pack cold weapon?Is really of!Calculated, use and see first."Say that finish and then hurtle into enemies.Immediately after everyone is also blunt to go in.The enemy's attack drive all protection cover to offset, but Yu star their attacks then polished off an enemy."Cool, do these swords incredibly take no cognizance a protection cover?Severe!"The Yu star know behind beginning madness of attack.The very quick enemy's amount became less for the beginning."Ha ha, great!Yi?How didn't?"The Yu star kill to begin medium of the sword suddenly disappeared.

"Having no is invoke!You give it a bit of thought and then can know how to invoke!"The day show off now but province be useful, because invoke a sword consume of energy is 50,000.

"Know.…Thunder absolute being sword!"Say that finishing just that appear sword again in the his hand.Have so of sword very quick enemy drive Yu star they exterminated."Ha ha, I exterminate of the enemy be the most.How.Severe!"The Yu star is happy start show.

A words that the day show off let him dare not to show any further."Yes.Use the number of times of sword also most.Majority of the attack all have no a shot shot to ruin an enemy.But we but one shot for the shot ruin even is a shot to ruin two sets."The day show off two battleship of looking at the screen say:"Now is a be over fight of time."

"What is the row?The enemy's battleship inside has Gao energy reaction.The energy number attain more than 1,000,000 number."The shell Lai Si looking at instrument watch to say.

"What?Difficult way they want to shoot battleship of lord cannon?This but only both parties have the time of battleship the usage of!But now do we have no battleship?"The day show off to shockedly say.But the others be also very shocked, they know the power of lord cannon of battleship is can destroy a star.

"The enemy's target isn't us but is the whole star!How do we do?Ignore, first the shot ruin a battleship to say again."Say five set legendary Wu3 Dou3 Ji shot a person form appearance of unique recruit."Thebuy runescape gold   thunder absolute being cut!""The ice break to cut!""The fire Feng cut!""The saint light connect to cut!""The earth cut up rough!"Everyone respectively of unique recruited to in the clout battleship respectively of, head, coda, the lord cannon part, warship body.The moment destroy two battleship together."It is to solve on the whole.Is really a pain!"The power of explosion blew the meteorite of the neighborhood all to come over.

"Carefully!"The Yu star see a big meteorite fly to have no protection cover of orchid friendship of Wu3 Dou3 Ji immediately fly past block in her in front.Because he always forget to turn off a protection cover, at the right moment be used this time.Meteorite drive Yu the protection cover of the star give the shot is ground."You have no matter!"The Yu star concern ask a way.

But the orchid friendship see a Yu star this appearance early touched of in a great mess.She happily say:"Nothing.Thank you.I …"have not waited her to say finish and then was interrupted by the person.

The shell Lai Si dare not believe of say:"The enemy's energy reaction hasn't disappear.Our attacks didn't ruin another shot.This bottom how do!"Have not waited him to say lord cannon of finish enemy's fleet to have already shot.Return in so of the explosion ability attack is really severe.The lord cannon is straight of shotted into a dragon the star live by person.But Yu star they now of the energy connect to fly past of time also have no.

 Chapter 92- The ~ arouse a war beginning(bottom) ~

At everyone despair of time an aureate Wu3 Dou3 Ji appeared.That set Wu3 Dou3 Ji nowise open of melancholy the protection cover want to hold up an enemy of lord cannon.Although the lord cannon be temporarily resisted, but it still go forward just speed slow 1:00 just."Snow of the United States!Leave at once there, there dangerous.You I am impossible to hold up."The day show off to worry of say.

"I know you good to me, but the dragon is still on the star!If star explosion be regarded as absolute being under the circumstance that not know is also a dead end 1."The United States snow persistence of say.What she say right, however really explosion's being the most be only an others death ray I a person will be on the hoof.

"Damned, shell Lai Si.The enemy's lord cannon energy is how much?Wu3 Dou3 Ji of snow in the United States can the crest live?"The day show off ask of strain way.Because he once promised me and bring back owner peacefully.

"The enemy's lord cannon energy only have 700,000 or so, may be just of explosion break his energy system.Now of the lord cannon consume some energy with a little bit less energy.However the United States Wu3 Dou3 Ji's energy number of snow only 30 several ten thousand impossible hold up."The shell Lai Si took a look locator to say.

The day show off the one punch dozen say at the control on the stage:"Damned!Why don't let to launch an attack.This energy should be able to shoot a hair energy cannon of!Does the difficult way let me helplessly looking at the United States snow to walk into death?Calculate now decrease some energy all right!Begged you, shoot, shoot and blare, blare"say and then cried to come out.The day show off still a time cry.But how cry Wu3 Dou3 Ji's saint monster again be don't shoot.If the words shot Wu3 Dou3 Ji for the meeting lose energy but protection cover also disappear.Oxygen can't also supply pilot only have dead end 1.But their mission be a protection good the pilot's life.

"The day show off.Rightness, the day show off our now return to tell the dragon the elder brother an affair.If is what the dragon elder brother's words is certain to have a way."The Yu star suddenly thought of oneself of mission already completion, only can hand over to me the affair while return the processing be all right.(Dragon:How to be all some mess?)

"Rightness.How do I have never thought.Quick everyone is fast to return to village to tell the dragon the elder brother an affair!Shell Lai Si, lord cannon's arriving a ground be when and return have American Wu3 Dou3 Ji of snow can support to arrive when.If shoot the words of ground can bomb out the whole star once?"The day show off the ability thought of of the affair all thoughted of.

But the shell Lai Si listenned to later beginning calculation.Led in a short while him to say:"The United States Wu3 Dou3 Ji of snow be the most and can support an and a half hours more.But the lord bombard medium ground of time is two hour later.Although the power of explosion be very big however shortage with bomb out star.However the star nuclear explosion of this star fry also just the problem of time."The shell Lai Si pass the data of calculation all several they.

"You say of a little bit understand?I am make by you careless!"The Yu star looking at say of data dimmed eyesight.But others' being also bad don't arrive where go to, all is a pair don't understand of facial expression.

"Simple of say that be this star certain meeting explosion of.Calculate us to come out the United States snow, or can't escape."Shell Lai the Si be fly and say."With we now of the speed calculate most quick also want an and a half hours, basically have no opportunity extrication the United States snow.I see still don't go of good.At here etc. good, dragon elder brother can't certain occupy."

"Bastard, how can and so.Bastard!"The day showed off to say and then started to be self-reproach.

"I blamed you.In fact I also like you very much.However just my memory didn't°yet instauration.I still don't know if really like you.So I just hasn't been talk to wait until instauration memory later at with you say.However see come to be to have no opportunity."Say that finish and then give° the communication machine a pass.Everyone is very sad, the most sad was a day to show off.

Dragon person village at Yu star they open hostilities of time also beginning here of fight.Coming to the dragon person of attack can say that is to outrun my imagination.Unexpectedly come to No.200 person, and still all is can change body Jackie Chan.See to have a little dangerous, in the beginning my protection cover drive enemy violent of bombard.I see shot break a protection a cover just time of problem.My have never thought will have how many of the enemy come to attack here."See, I shouldn't go to space the Yu star ir parties to go.This bottom we four people have of favour."Say that finish beginning last time of sorcery pair of so of the chemical element coagulate my body to grow a wing again.Although for now of I wear a process painful, also is to have norunescape accounts    the business of way.But Xuan, love benefit, collapse can all change body.Respectively flew a protection cover."Everyone is a little bit more careful.Decline thunder Shu!Crazy thunder Shu!"I say that finish used my magic trick attack for the beginning.Although dragon to sorcery immunity the dint be very strong, I is not what sorcery so is shoot by me of the dragon all lie at ground up"rest".

"Depend, collapsing can you when return than me high class?Next time I also want with small gold and small ash them to practice."The Xuan see collapse can the empress of the wing of back shockedly say.But the love benefit be also very shocked but"shy" of she will not ask.

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